Week 6

About Week 6

IMG_1466 “If he should endure it, why shouldn’t the public endure it?” The Hunger Artist, Franz Kafka.

For 5 weeks Mike, Kellen, & Moe have pushed their bodies to unthinkable limits. From eating every meal of everyday competitively, sin eating, a ghost chili pepper vision quest, and a no-hands pie eating contest while delivering text: It’s all here for you to digest. So for the last week of generating material before they pull the pie scraps together… they decided to fast. For five days sun up to sun down only three glasses of water, any food eaten after sundown can not contain meat, and no sex including masturbation at anytime. After weeks of rigorous eating, writing, and performance… this might be the hardest challenge yet.

Fasting Day 1 (Mike)

Fasting Day 2 (Mike)

Fasting Day 3 (Mike)

Beginning of the fast week – Kellen

Day one

Day three –

Fasting Day 4 (Mike)

Fasting Day 5 – Final (Mike)

Long ass monologue of things learned through fasting

I do not expect anyone to watch all of this, but there are tiny little moments of clarity lodged in the wordiness.

Staying Hungry


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