Training for The Sin Eaters

The Sin Eaters train to explore the culture of competitive eating through performance and installation. There is one crucial trait that members have in the company—dedication.

The Sin Eaters dedication has many layers. It is a time commitment. It is a willingness to engage in the art-making process. It is gorging on copious amounts of food. It is handling pressure for the stage and the stomach lining. It is the cathartic pursuit for the flaws that make us human, and the moments that take us beyond our bodies.


The company is comprised of 3 dedicated members – Moe in New York, Mike and Kellen in Chicago. Their first 6-week training period began in March 2013. A 3-hour weekly networked meeting generated content through experimentations with text, eating challenges, and food rituals. Weekly readings, writings, and video assignments were also part of their modus operandi. The goal was to create work across cities, between people, and within individual guts. It was a challenge…which is what these performers were hungry for.

The Sin Eaters unveiled their 3-night inaugural performance at If All Else Fails…, a group exhibition at Co-Prosperity Sphere from May 31st through June 2nd, 2013.



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