Work it, Lawrence

Picture 1

Featured on the Pilot Balloon’s tumblr — we Sin Eaters have been up to all good. We certainly have felt at home here at Pilot Balloon and in Lawrence.

Things we’ve been doing since our arrival:

a) hosted a pie eating competition (with a bit of performance art peppered in) at the Lawrence Farmer’s Market
b) made a mobile confessional
c) baked fresh bread everyday
d) networked a Chicago-Lawrence potluck with local farmer’s market ingredients! We invited Yuri Zapancic of Seed Co. Studios down the street (shoutout to our girl Penelope Hearne for connecting us through her KU friends!)– the dinner went really well, thanks to Google+ Chats and our tiny Pico projectors!
e) projected onto the streets of Lawrence transcribed sins that were anonymously confessed to us
f) met the neighbors in this east Lawrence neighborhood — we went to a lovely Sunday service at St. Luke’s African Methodist Episcopal church, set up our Bread-for-Sin exchange table outside Pilot Balloon’s church, and have met some amazing folks in this neighborhood by walking around New York and Massachusettes street. Through the farmer’s market and walking around Massachusettes Street’s main drag, we’ve gotten a wide gamut of the community to confess sins– from a shoe boutique owner, an amicable bartender, a dude on his bike waiting for a green light, an artist selling screenprinted undies and handmade goodies, the former Lawrence mayor, a neighbor with an affinity for pawpaw fruit and trees, KU students donning school colors for the football game, families and kids and farmers and pie eating competitors. This town truly is a gem of a place!

Tuesday the 10th is our last workshop performance where we plan to eat the confessed sins of Lawrence. Life over here is filled with warmth, sweat and productivity! Sending these sunny vibes to all of you sinners and sin fans.


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