The Eve of Kansas

Hello and good day from sunny-ass Chicago,

So many excited, earl-grey-buzzed comments to let you all know about, but you know what? It’s all going to unfurl in Kansas, starting tomorrow. Stay tuned, check back every once and a while, and see what we’re doing, because Moe, Mike & I are (pardon me, relatives) FUCKING STOKED.

I will just hint this:

What Moe & I are about to do in Kansas, with Mike in Chicago joining us via Google+ Chat and Chicagoan followers– THIS is why I moved to Chicago. I wanted to be doing experimental theater slash community driven, food-based, sort-of-all-over-the-place work that involves an interested, interactive audience, and THIS IS WHAT WE ARE DOING NOW. With Kansas.

Sure, our first iterations of Sin Eating– from shifting “Belt of Fat,” our very beginning name, to now knowing that we are definitely The Sin Eaters– through our show at Co-Prosperity Sphere in Chicago in May… all of this was exciting and a fantastic way to work. Our rehearsals shaped what we are now doing, and I am loving this process like no other. HOWEVER, I just want to state very clearly that what we are about to do in Lawrence, Kansas at our residency with Pilot Balloon (Matt Hislope + Josh Meyer from fuckin’ Austin Texas’s theater company, Rubber Repertory?!! Holy cow, are you as big of a fan as I am? !!) — this is what I was made to do. And I am so thrilled to be a part of something that is bigger than us. Lawrence is only the beginning– well, I guess, I take that back– Moe’s apartment in Brooklyn and Mike and my apartments in Chicago were where this all started. G-chatting rehearsals. Confessing our sins. Getting to know one another alongside figuring out just what the hell we were making. This is the way I love to work– this process. But, when you start whittling down to something you really feel like you’ve collectively shaped, and are so interested in, and are all wanting to happen badly– this sweet spot we’re in is just something I cannot be more thankful of.

This is the beginning of my thank you notes to anyone out there who has given a donation to our Indiegogo campaign — AND NOT TOO LATE IF YOU HAVE $10 TO SPARE BEFORE TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT I THINK? WE ONLY NEED EIGHTY MORE DOLLARS!!!— and to anyone who is helping us with documentation, hooking us up with friends and farms (!!!!) in Lawrence, and who will be participating in these performances whether in Kansas or in Chicago. A great friend of mine once said, “The audience is the thing.” You guys are our audience, our support, and our family. Typing thank you will never be enough– you guys rule.

In 24 hours, Moe & I will be arriving to our church-turned-house-that-is-now-a-pop-up-artist-colony in LAWRENCE KANSAS…. !!! I am just… I can’t… Excited is the word of the day.

Safe travels to all, godspeed, and stay tuned here and at our Twitter feed (@thesineaters) to see the shenanigans we are about to get ourselves in. Holler, Kansans! We are coming at you! And right on time, because ladies and gentlemen: I will not be missing my flight tomorrow. (I’ve only missed two in my life… jeeeeez…. BUT STILL. Shit’s on lockdown tomorrow. :):) )

!!! !!! !!!,

Kellen, The Sin Eaters

….what I have in my head about this project. It’s disgusting. Beware.
Never ever gonna quit cuz quitting just aint my stick


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