Performance #2: Peccadillo Pie (Saturday)

Peccadillo [pek-uh-dil-oh] : a small sin

see also: white lie, bad habit, faux pas, flaw, fault, or slipup

Pie [pahy] : a baked food filled with fruit or cream, prepared in a pastry-lined pan

idiomseasy as pie, extremely easy or simple to do (see also: peccadillo)

IMG_6936 copy

Handmade Dessert Pies

Cherry, Lemon Merengue, and Blueberry pies with golden crust made by Mike, Kellen, & Moe.

Discover our white lies, bad habits, and faux pas by writing a prompt you’d like answered for the Peccadillo Pie eating performance. The first 36 participants will take part in completing tonight’s work! We are what we eat – you decide which sins will be our just desserts.

IMG_6983 copy

IMG_6955 copy

IMG_7312 copy

IMG_7524 copy

IMG_7665 copy

IMG_7798 copy


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